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Method of working

What people often don’t realise is that having a portrait made, is a very personal project. In general it takes some time before I actually start painting: first there should be a good plan for the depiction. This needs to be discussed with the people involved. The amount of time that takes differs from case to case. I listen to the ideas my patron(s) have for the painting and most of the time a picture arises in my mind already when I see the person(s) in question.

When we have come to an agreement about the depiction and the price, I draw up a contract. When the patron gives his approval and the contract is signed, I can start working.

Than I take photographs of the persons or animals to be portrayed. That does not have to take place at my studio, I’d rather not at this moment, because at my current studio the light needed is not good enough. From here on I take the liberty to make the painting in the way that I feel is best. Since we discussed all the details previously, I only show the painting when it is finished. The reason therefore is, that I can see what is not right yet, during the process , but that I do not expect that from my patron, who might get a fright. In any case, I never make an extensive design in advance. I do explain what I am going to do and the rest is a matter of confidence.

I assume people come to me, because they have seen my paintings or documentation about them. If they would not have liked my work, they would not have come to me for a portrait. So I expect the necessary confidence in me, especially after our initial discussions, because after I have started to paint, there can be no further influence by the patron.

Dependant on the size and the number of persons to be portrayed, I am busy for weeks, sometimes months. During this period I keep my patron informed about my progress.

For people not living in The Netherlands:
Distance is no objection! Provided that my travel-expenses will be paid for on top of the price of the painting I am to make. Just recently I travelled to Denmark to make a portrait of the dog Pedro.